Free VISA Debit Card with Riverset

With every Riverset checking, our members have the option to receive a free VISA debit card, to use anywhere VISA is accepted – which is pretty much everywhere.

It’s so simple, why not use it?

Your purchases will be directly deducted from your Riverset checking account. Don’t bother with carrying around large amounts of cash or struggle with unwieldy checks. Just swipe your card and move on with your life.

Get cash back at point of sale and ATM locations worldwide or check your account balances and even make deposits at ATMs throughout the nation!  Please note, to protect your accounts, we monitor our cards for potentially fraudulent activity.  If you are planning on traveling outside of your normal "locale" - you may want to call us first so we can properly flag your account.  Learn more. (PDF)

PNC Bank ATM Access

Our debit card also allows you to access your money from either your Savings or Checking Account. Access thousands of surcharge free ATM’s by using the PNC ATM network or, of course, use our ATM at our South Side location.

If you are looking for an alternative to mailing or bringing in your deposits, using our debit card to deposit at a PNC Bank ATM could be a great option for you. As long as the PNC ATM accepts deposits, you can deposit funds right into your Riverset account.

Get a Riverset Visa Debit Card today!

To obtain your Riverset Visa Debit card, request one at the same time you apply for our Free Checking Account or if you already have an account and want a card, no problem.
Email us at call us at 412.488.2525 and we’d be happy to set one up for you.

Verified by Visa

Our Visa Debit cards carry the extra protection of Verified by Visa.  To learn more about this service and to register your card, please click here.  

 If you've received a call from the Debit Card fraud department (eNFACT) regarding a suspicious transaction from our voice response unit

Call 1.866.750.9107.  You will need your six digit confirmation number.  If you don't know it, press any six digits to be routed to a representative.  The live rep will verify your first and last name, the zipcode of residence; the last four digits of your SSN and recent transaction history.

Please note if the call is forwarded to voicemail, you may only receive a portion of the message.  Also, if you have 800 call blocks on your phone, that may also restrict the information that you receive.

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